How to Turn Your Cause-Based Side Hustle Into a Career
LIVEKINDLY founder Jodi Monelle has partnered with ClassRebel to help people turn their purpose-driven passions into careers. | Polly Haas for LIVEKINDLY

How to Turn Your Passion for Sustainability Into a Career

Can ongoing education be a form of activism? LIVEKINDLY CEO Jodi Monelle and ClassRebel are banking on it.

四年前,Jodi Monelle started LIVEKINDLY as an inclusive community where anyone interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle could come for resources, entertainment, and education without judgement. Today, LIVEKINDLY reaches 30 million-plus people across eight digital platforms, and sits at the heart of a collective of plant-based brands that has raised more thana half-billion dollars.

“I started LIVEKINDLY because I care greatly about our planet, and all that inhabit it,”Jodi says.“Our audience comes from all walks of life, at different stages in their journey toward eating more plant-based. They’re passionate about making a difference in this world. That’s why I believe LIVEKINDLY is more than a brand – it’s a movement.

In “Building Your Million Person Movement,” Jodi is partnering with ClassRebel to teach strategies for content creation, social media growth, website optimization, and more. She designed the course to help anyone turn their purpose-driven passions into profitable careers, a journey that requires “a delicate balance between personal motivation, professional drive, and discovering yourikigai,” says Jodi, referring to the Japanese word for “reason for being.” Read more about her journeyhere.

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ClassRebel is a modern education company with a purpose-driven mission of its own. Founder and CEO Brooke Harley, a former venture capitalist, was intent on offering business insights to everyone, not just to the privileged few who typically have access to investors and financial education.

“We believe education is a peaceful protest against class inequality. We believe access to modern, quality education can help level the playing field,”Brooke says.“We’re encouraged by more investors valuing, and investing in, companies that are pursuing both purpose and profit. Mission-driven companies that are well-financed for growth will give more people an opportunity to work for companies that are truly doing good—and we believe people are happier when they are doing meaningful work—work that helps other people. More opportunities for meaningful work is important we believe because it leads to happier societies.”

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