Adidas Launches Sustainable Stan Smith Kermit Shoes
Adidas' Stan Smith range includes a new sustainable Kermit-inspired design. | Eileen W. Cho for LIVEKINDLY

Adidas Launches Sustainable Stan Smith Kermit Shoes

The latest addition to Adidas' Stan Smith range: sustainable Kermit-inspired sneakers, made with Primegreen.

You can snag a pair of Adidas’ sustainable Stan Smith Kermit the Frog-inspired shoes.

新的, green kicks are part of the company’s Originals x Disney, Stan Smith collection. The line of eco-friendly shoes featuresPrimegreen,由至少50%的再循环材料制成的高性能,无塑料织物。

新的斯坦史密斯鞋特性“Kermit” graphic on the side and Kermit’s name is embossed on the heel.

The kicks also feature the phrase “It’s Not Easy Being Green” on the heel tabs. The sustainable shoes remind the wearers“to be a little more green like Kermit the Frog,”according to Adidas.

The Stan Smith collection features other sustainable takes on the classic silhouette. You can purchase trainers inspired by a number of Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and other Disney characters. These include The Hulk, Yoda, Tinker Bell, and WALL-E-themed shoes.

新的sneakers are part of the Adidas Originals x Disney, Stan Smith collection. | Adidas

Adidas Sustainable Stan Smith

The iconic Stan Smith tennis shoe was first launched in 1965. The new range is part of Adidas’ mission to reduce plastic waste.

“我们在帮助最终塑料废物的旅程中的下一步始于重新想象标志性的白宫运动鞋,斯坦史密斯,”the company explained in a statement.

The company pledged to ditch virgin polyester by 2024. Instead, it plans to use 100 percent recycled polyester in all of its products.

In keeping with its sustainable promise, Adidas recently introduced theStan Smith Mylo. The vegan sneakers are the brand’s first-ever shoe made from mushroom leather. Mylo is a mushroom-derived material created by Bolt Threads, a biotechnology company.

The vegan leather is featured on the shoe’s outer upper, perforated three stripes, heel tab overlay, and signature branding. The shoes feature a midsole made from natural rubber.

Back in 2018, the German brand collaborated with Stella McCartney to launch a Stan Smith vegan design. A year later, the duolaunchedanother version of the vegan shoe. The colorful shoes featured punched-out rainbow stars, rainbow laces, and an image of McCartney on the tongue.

2月,阿迪达斯成为禁令的最新公司fur. “Adidas is driving the topic of sustainability in all areas of its product range as well as across its entire business operations,”explained Frank Henke, senior vice president of sustainability at Adidas, in a statement sent to LIVEKINDLY.

“We have already been exclusively sourcing more sustainable cotton since 2018, will only be using recycled polyester from 2024, and this year will be launching the first running shoe that is made to be remade,”he added.“毛皮的永久放弃强调我们在寻找和扩大可持续材料创新方面的承诺。”

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